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How iTEP can help?

Keep your international academic dreams on track with the iTEP International English proficiency test. This comprehensive exam covers all fundamental aspects of English, enabling candidates to assess their skills before they apply to study abroad. Boasting an innovative format and a wide range of practice questions, this reliable assessment is known for its accuracy in accurately measuring language aptitude and progress. Achieve maximum results without taking unnecessary risk; measure up by scheduling your iTEP today! With personal level guidance from experienced professionals as well as useful coaching tips offered on our website—including resources such as vocabulary collections, writing samples and audio files — you’ll get all the help you need when it comes time to take the big leap into global academia. Get started nowDiscover your full potential with iTEP!

No matter where you are in this world You can pay for both iTEP Academic-Plus and iTEP SLATE-Plus for the same price of $129 USD, 

To explore the full list of schools that accept iTEP Academic Plus results for admissions , click here.

iTEP SLATE is used and recognized as a proof of English proficiency by schools, boarding schools and educational institutions. across North America 

To explore the full list of schools that accept iTEP SLATE Plus results for admissions , click here.

iTEP for Career Opportunities and many more

Are you looking to study abroad and need to prove your English proficiency? The iTEP International English Proficiency Test is the perfect solution. Not only will it show that you have a high level of mastery over English, but this exam also helps demonstrate cultural awareness since all questions are based on real-world scenarios with which test-takers must interact. Additionally, the scoring system ensures fairness in evaluating everyone’s performance before they leave for their foreign destination. Plus, scores are automatically shared with language schools deciding whether or not an applicant can be admitted via email upon successful completion - eliminating long waiting times associated with other international tests out there today. So why wait? Start preparing for your future by letting us help assess your command of the English language!

In addition, iTEP also offers a number of tests suitable for companies and organizations in their recruitment process, such as:   the  iTEP Business exam is used and accepted by many private companies, government organizations and other sectors around the world in hiring and performance appraisal.  The iTEP Hospitality , iTEP Au Pair and iTEP Intern exams are used by many companies and organizations. that is a specific industry For recruitment and promotion In addition to the above-mentioned types of testing It also applies to organizations that process J - 1 visas, which are visas for study visits to the United States. Most of the time, such iTEP tests will be provided in the locations where the iTEP results are taken. However, sometimes our clients may request that their personnel or candidates choose to take one of the iTEP tests at an iTEP test center 

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Preparing for iTEP

Boston Educational Services has created a wide range of teaching materials to help test takers prepare for the iTEP exam.

Candidates can try the iTEP Practice Test - a collection of past iTEP Academic questions by clicking on the link below and following the instructions. This test is to assess yourself and to practice for the test. and is a preliminary measure of English proficiency

The iTEP Preparation Guide , also known as the iTEP Preparation Guide , is another tool to help test takers prepare for the iTEP exam. From exam schedules to developing specific skills In terms of listening skills from the guidelines It can be downloaded below. 

The iTEP Orientation Guides , or iTEP Orientation Guides , provide a general outline of the exam, such as what to do on the day of the exam or a sample test.

iTEP exam practice

Order Examination Guidelines ( Practice Test ) by clicking on Buy it Now

– Test ID ( Test ID ) will be sent to you via email within 48 hours.

- Use the test ID ( Test ID ) as a password to log in to take the exam.

-Please complete the exam within 30 days after you receive  Test ID  and password.

Click here for PDF instructions.

   iTEP Orientation Guides 

Download ( iTEP Preparation Guide PDF) here.               

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